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Blind Bison

Progressive Cocktail Bar

Serving the best cocktails around

We are a contemporary cocktail bar that will be serving drinks on specified dates, times and locations. We will essentially be a pop up bar. Want to know more about what a pop up bar is? Just click on our about page. Want to know where our next event is? Like us on Facebook and Instagram. Don't have either of those? Click on our events page. Want to know what we are serving up? Menus will be released shortly before the event, each event will be themed cocktails from an era or idea, and we want some of it to be a surprise when you show up. Since this is a pop up and not a full time bar our decor and seating will be limited to what the venue has in place.  If they go well we will expand and improve everything as we do each one. You will see us grow right in front of your eyes.  We will feature some cool infusions, homemade bitters, fresh ingredients, and some molecular gastronomy.  This also means that some cocktails will be limited and others won't be offered all together. 


Blind Bison

How did we come up with that name?

More information will be available in our about page, but simply, it is a nod to speakeasies from the prohibition era and our Montana heritage.


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