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Blind Bison was created by Bryan Taylor and Trevan Sparboe after many conversations about how they wanted to create something that would allow them to express themselves and showcase their knowledge. Even more than that they wanted to challenge themselves to be better bartenders. More about the creators later, let's talk about how they came up with the name.

Blind Bison is a nod to the speakeasies from the prohibition era and to their Montana heritage. Speakeasies were called Blind Pigs, if they were pretty trashy, or they were called Blind Tigers, this was if they were nice. Blind Pigs would sell the bottom of the barrel beer and spirits. Blind Tigers would sell the nicest spirits they could get their hands on. A common misconception is that spirits were of poor quality during prohibition. Bootleggers weren't in the business of losing customers, although the quality of our spirits now are much higher because of technology and a better understanding of the ingredients.  The cocktails of this era are still being enjoyed today. The name gives a nod to this era but the menus won't always have prohibition era cocktails. When the neu is published you will have an opportunity to learn more about the cocktails by selecting the cocktail you want to learn more about. We will give you some history on the cocktail if available or we will talk about the inspiration behind the cocktail. Sometimes you might even get both. We should probably cover why it's a pop up bar and what that means.

A pop up bar is just what it suggests. We will be popping up in locations and serving our cocktails. You're probably asking yourself "Why wouldn't they just open a place up if this is what they want to do?" That's a good question and one that can be answered. Bryan and Trevan lack the funds to buy a liquor license and convincing an owner that what we are doing can be profitable are challenging. Now you are probably asking yourself "How is this legal?" Well, they will be using someones liquor license and using unused space in a bar! If you have other questions don't hesitate to contact us. They would love to tell you to mind your own damn business personally. Just Kidding, or are they? Is anyone actually still reading this thing?

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